Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Personal Growth Matters - Why You Need to Visit Your Inner Child

When the Adult goes in search of, and finds, the Child, the Child teaches the Adult about their hidden feelings, their true qualities, their lost dreams and the key turning points which destroyed their innocence.

The playful Child reminds the Adult about the essence of the magical state of childhood: how to have fun, how to be in the moment, what it feels like to be overcome with excitement anticipating an adventure, how to experience the senses: how to sing, write stories, draw pictures, run in the wind, smell flowers, wrestle dogs, climb trees, eat icrecream.

And the Adult can teach the Child too. The Adult returns to the inner landscape of childhood memories, equipped with the strength and compassion of adulthood to console, comfort and nurture the Inner Child.

The Adult part of you becomes the Mentor and Protector soothing, reassuring and loving the angry, frightened, hurting, lonely and confused Child.

The Adult takes their grown-up perspective and wisdom and can explain those key turning points – with corrective statements such as “It wasn’t your fault”, that “You’re not ugly and stupid”, that “The reason those adults acted like that was because of their own pain and inadequacy”, that “They did really love you, they just couldn’t show it.”

And the Adult helps the Child forgive and feel compassion for those grown-ups who hurt and failed them.

The healing meeting is overseen by the Higher Self, that is, You, in your full potential, in your full glory – maybe your Future Self: when you are truly integrated as the best of the Child and the best of Adult without the phoney False Self you invented as a protection.

The False Self wants to sabotage your acceptance of your Child because the False Self despises and maligns the vulnerable Child. Don’t be deceived by the False Self. Seek out your Child who has been waiting and longing for you for so many years.

Go back and visit with your Child regularly because you have many things to uncover and teach each other – on your way to your Future - on your way Home.

Reflections on The Kid starring Bruce Willis, which was released in 2000

A must-see movie!

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